5 Colours That Look Good On Any SkinTone

5 Colours That Look Good On Any SkinTone

5 Colours That Look Good On Any SkinTone
Trying to find colours that suit your skin tone can be a bit of a hassle especially when dealing with rich tones. A fair knowledge of universal colours will ease the process of combining colours.
Universal colours are colours that flatter every skin tone. These are colours that strike a balance – not too bright or too dark. Let’s check them out!


People tend to shy away from red garments because they find it tricky to pair but it is actually not as hard as it seems. Monochrome red is always a good idea when in doubt or you could try wearing onesies like dresses and jumpsuit to save you the stress of styling separates.
Tracy Nwapa


Most ladies love pink but the numerous shades can leave you confused. We recommend fuchsia pink because it won’t wash your skin out or give it a darker illusion.
Veronica Odeka


Even though neon green is taking center stage, ‘Nigerian green’ as it often called is a no-brainer. Tracee Ellis Ross’s Grammys outfit will show you exactly what we mean.

Tracee Ellis Ross


Royal blue is the ‘it’ blue shade and it is super fun and probably the easiest to pair. You can pair wear a royal blue top with jeans or pants in neutral or bold colours depending on the look you are going for.
Rhonke Fella


Just because yellow is a really loud colour, pairing it with pastels and neutrals work best with it.
 Written by Damilola Fatusi

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