Have you ever wondered how to pull of strong colors, or thought , hmmm! that looks great on her, but wouldn’t look great on me ? If so i understand because several clients have said the same thing to me when i have tried to encourage them to brighten up their wardrobe with combining colors to make magic statement looks.

It really isn’t that hard to do so i have 3 ways you can cultivate a positive look for your work wear.

One of the best advices you will be given regarding color is that yellow (depending on the shade ) is a very easy complimentary hue for every skin shade… yup!!! you heard me right so don’t be scared anymore, just try it and pair it with any shade of orange ( mari-gold, burnt orange etc ) to help tone it down or you can wear all of the same shade ( only if you dare )

You can also layer a wardrobe staple over it to achieve a relaxed vibe, especially for days when you just wanna be stylish but those heels won’t cut it because you have errands to run. Here i paired it with denim.

Accessorize with black( your structured handbag and black closed toe shoes ) as an expected wearable add on that convey’s a stylishly prepared look .

So one of the many ways color combo can create magic for you, should you choose to try it out ( i encourage you) tag me on IG @vanestylesr so we can celebrate your style. Till next post. stay fab . 

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