Confused what to wear in college here are few ideas for you

Confused what to wear in college here are few ideas for you

Confused what to wear in college here are few ideas for you


Confused about what to wear? Awesomelifestylefashion gives advice when you need it .

College are going to start and many of you are taking addmission this time. So you guys where to excited to enter in new phase of your life but where confused what to wear . Here I am to help you to deal with your problems. 

how to dress in college female in india

Today I will help you to add few things in your wardrobe that you can wear in your college. These are neither over the top nor borring cloths because at the end of the day you guys are going to wear it and go to a place to study not party.
So let’s get started :-

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Today I will show you different types of tops or blouses which you can add to your wardrobe because wearing a jeans or top is the most comfortable. 

Here are the few styles which you can get :-

1. United color of benetton women yellow floral top with sleeves that comes with a cut and tie up at the top of the sleeves which is very different but cute and attractive at the same time.


You can get this one in another color also.


2. Another top is in Turquoise colour which colour is trending right now again in floral print because print is painting right now and it’s summer and it’s really cute this top is again from United colour of Benetton.

 you can also get this one another colour.

3. This one in navy blue colour with Bell sleeves which makes it different with its style.


4. This yellow top it’s quite simple but its leaves add different look in  it so give it a try.



5. This top in Coral colour is a simple top but the tie on shoulder part add difference.


6. This one is a black camisole a must have things in your wardrobe as it is a basic thing through which you can create a lots of look.


7. This one is a must having thing in your wardrobe a black off shoulder cami top which you can use in creating lots of look and you can wear inside the top or dresses .


Make sure to get yourself these in nude colour also.



These are the few things you can add  to your wardrobe if you liked it then follow me and want to know more such things the make sure to comment. Thanks for reading. 

Have a nice day .

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