FIVE DAYS IN ROME, Part 2: Guest Post by Paige Arnold

FIVE DAYS IN ROME, Part 2: Guest Post by Paige Arnold

FIVE DAYS IN ROME, Part 2: Guest Post by Paige Arnold

Bike riding on the Appian Way, Rome, Italy

My granddaughter Paige (age 13) and her parents
recently went on a trip to Rome, and while she was there Paige kept a diary of
their activities. Paige is a competitive swimmer, so although she was on
vacation, she tried to fit in practice when she could. I thank her for sharing
her thoughts and photos of the trip with The Intrepid Tourist. 

On our third day in Rome we went to the Borghese
Gallery, but since we had tickets to go at 3:00, we decided to go to another
museum first. It was a museum of musical instruments, which had many
pianos and harps and such from a long, long time ago.

Harpsichord at the National Museum of Musical Instruments, Rome.

I really liked how the
pianos and organs had paintings and art on the covers–it just made them that
much prettier.  After that we went home for about ten minutes and then
walked to the Borghese museum.  

Ceiling paintings in one of the twenty rooms of the Borghese Gallery.

At the Borghese Gallery, there were many
beautiful statues and paintings and lots of rooms to wander through and look at

Stone sculpture of person carrying a lion pelt (Borghese Gallery)

There was an app you could
download to experience an audio tour that guided you through the rooms, which
gave you a detailed explanation of the important pieces.  Since lots of
people were using the audio tour, it was very quiet for those who didn’t, which
was nice. 

Villa Borghese Park

There was also a park behind the museum with
statues and trees, and we found that walking through it was very
enjoyable.  For lunch, we had gotten
sandwiches before, so when we got home we just ate those.  The sandwich place we went to was a “make
your own” place, but it was a bit difficult since we didn’t know Italian. 
They cut the meat right in front of us with one of those sharp spinning metal
wheels, which was fascinating to watch. 
After eating lunch, we relaxed for a while then went out to dinner at
the same place that we had gone to the first day.  

The fourth day, I was in charge.  Early in
the morning (at least early for me), my dad and I went out to the park near our
house for me to draw and for him to take pictures of the Colosseum.  We
spent about thirty minutes there, and then headed back to get ready to go out
for a swim.  This time, we knew exactly
which place we were going to and exactly how to get there.  We arrived, I
swam for a bit, and then we went home.  I
wanted a bit of a relaxing day, so we spent the rest of our day in the
apartment, and ate a measly dinner that we managed to put together from the
ingredients already in the kitchen.   
Bike riding past ancient ruins on the Appian Way

The last day, we woke up late and went on a bike
ride on the Appia Antica road, which is the ancient road that connected Rome to
Brindisi (also known as the Appian Way.)  It was a very bumpy ride, since the road was paved with
cobblestone. On the way back, we stopped
at a little restaurant off the side of the road, where the waiter was very kind
and talked to us in English about how he used to live in California around
where we live. He showed us a book he was mentioned in, and told us lots
of stories about the author. In all, the
trip was very interesting and it taught me how different Rome is from the U.S.

(Additional photos by Matt Arnold.)

Paige at the Vatican

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