How to create a wildfly cluster

How to create a wildfly cluster

How to create a wildfly cluster

The following steps will help us configure a Wildfly cluster.

*Note that I’m using Wildfly 11
*It took me some time to figure it out so I’m writing it here for reference.

  1. I’m using the standard-full-ha.xml profile
  2. In the program arguments add  
    1. -b 192.168.0.x -> or your local IP address. If you have JBoss Tools / Wildfly Server. It is the Hostname in the Wildfly server overview tab. This will let your server available in the network.
    2. -> This is the name of your node which will enable clustering.
    3. -Djboss.bind.address.private= -> And finally, this will allow the EJB in your node to see each other. Before doing so, make sure that socking-binding group=jgroups-udp in your standalone config’s value is private.
  3. And finally in the activemq subsystem set server.cluster password.
Here are parts of the configuration for your reference:

Wildfly server’s configuration in eclipse:

Parts of standalone-full-ha.xml







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