New Age Saree Draping Idea

New Age Saree Draping Idea

New Age Saree Draping Idea

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Nowdays lots you want to wear saree but not like simple and old look so Today I am gonna tell you some different look through which you can wear saree but not like old boring one so let get started .


1. Saree and denim jacket .

innovative saree draping styles

So isn’t it amazing look to make your simple saree look different just grab a simple saree and wore it pairing with your denim jacket and you can do simple makeup and a awesome hairstyle with simple and small jewellery and wear a high heels or what about sneakers for your completely different look .


2. Pairing a saree with a blouse or shirt of same kind .

modern saree draping styles
What about this look pairing your colourful saree(pop of colour is trendy don’t forget)with a shirt of 3/4 sleeves and a blouse same like shirt and you can keep your hair open with minimal jewellery and light makeup and this will look gorgeous on you .

3. Saree and Peplum Jacket.

What about this beautiful colour saree pairing with amazing peplum jacket and keeping makeup light and hair open and jewellery minimal .

4. Saree with kurta jacket .

What about this look pairing a saree with kurta and just minimal makeup just a pair of earring and pony this will look amazing .


5. Saree with Leather jacket .

What about this look pairing your saree with leather jacket and a bag and googles and small earrings and top knot amazing .

6. Overcoat shirt and saree.

What say about this look just a simple saree with over coat and then completing the look with belt nice idea isn’t it .

7. Pant saree and off shoulder blouse .

What about this look amazing isn’t it so try this you can wear crop top also and look amazing in it .

8. High neck blouse and belt .

What your thought about this high neck top kind of blouse and minimal look elegant isn’t it.
9. Blazer blouse and belt.

Completely different and awesome look isn’t it blazer blouse and belt what say .

10 . Something for wedding party.
What about this look amazing isn’t it try this if you are attending your friends wedding  this will look amazing and different. 

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