Referral offer (for the friend)

  1. The coupon discount that advocates can offer to their friends.Coupon will only be valid for new customers.
  2. By default referral coupons expire after 4 weeks which means that a single advocate may own many different referral coupons at one time.
  3. Referral offer Coupon Get Expired after 4 Weeks

Referral requirements

These are the requirements of referred purchases, if these are not met the advocate does not receive a reward and the friend does not get a discount.

Minimum purchase amount : 1500 INR
Product categories : Accessories

Referral reward (for the advocate)

The reward given to the advocate for each time they successfully refer a customer. This reward is only granted for the friends first purchase.

Reward type : Fixed Amount
Reward amount : 5 INR
Minimum purchase amount : 1500 INR