Shein shopping guide

Shein shopping guide

Shein shopping guide
SHEIN nowdays people are really loving this brand and why don’t because it has amazing product that are for all time and they are really different and beautiful and I am sure you guys are gonna loved it to.

So first of all I will tell you how you can shop from shein first you have to register from you gmail account or Facebook account and then you can search for products through categories. 

Things you gonna love you can buy from it they have all the country option from which you can select your country and you can see prices according to your country. They ship worldwide so you have no problem regarding that also .

Now coming to time it took 3-5 days to you to get the parcels to you .

Discounts :- Shein have some amazing discounts as there is option of collecting points and how point you collect every day on the day of the shopping from total point collected they convert into your country money and you will get that discount or if you buy for certain limit you will got some discount for example if you buy for 2200 you will got 200 off.

Sizes :- Sizes can become issue you if you can go according  to their size chart you just can’t chhose medium if you were all cloth in medium because some time small can loose you and some timea L can become a little tight so pay attention to to size chart and you will get your perfect outfit. 

Returning:- So there are two option in returning as you can return the product like you can send them the product back or they can took the product back and you have to pay for it .

C.O.D. :- They have c.o.d available if you live in good place like big city and if you like in small cities then there is only online payment option but don’t worry you will get you product. 

So summer is here so lets talk about some cloth which you can give a try in this  summer these are there best sellers product .

1. THIS BEAUTIFUL BLACK MAXI . (Product id :- 741009) Maxi dresses look simply beautiful and then are comfortable too as they are airy and also in floral print which in this season and black are for all purpose as they look elegant and beautiful. 

You can wear them going to beach or for some girl outing or brunch.

2. Pinafore dresses are trendy in this season give them a try and they are available in so many colours too and they make you look super cool and cute and they comfortable giving you different look not being over the top. (Product :- 746686)

You can wear it with any colour of you T-shirt crop top and you are good to as it is black and crop top and dungaress are in this season just pair it with your favourite pair of sneakers and hat and you are good to go for you all programmes these are perfect things to have in your wardrobe. 

3. This causual mustuard yellow colour dress which comes over the kness (product id :- 719428)

You can wear it like the same way as the model is waring or you can pair it us with sneakers or tie a belt around your waist and you can you for shopping some chilling with your friends these are available in so many colours so give them a try .

4. This green one with plunge neck (product id:-731163)

You can wear these easily as it is wrap dress so you can adust it as you like on you waist or if you don’t feel comfortable wearing plunge neck then you can wear a off shoulder camisole in skin colour (if you wanna get idea of camisole then read my what yo can wear in college blog ).

5. This dress is very basic midi dress (product id :-740054)

This one is really basic and available in four different colours it come along with pocket which is very amazing. 

6. Floral halter neck dress (product id :- 734549)

This halter neck dress look amazing is gonna look amazing for beach and your outings and you are gonna love it .

7. This black dress as black is for all your need (product id:-720501)

This black dress look effortlessly gorgeous it is super lightweight yet stylish and comfy at the same time this is just best you can have in you wardrobe you can wear in party too they don’t gonna look simple.

8. This red maxi dress (product id:- 741213)

This dress is so beautiful with little slit and that ruffle on the shoulders side give it not so simple vibes to so give it a big try .

9 . White gown for party . ( product id:- 735694)

Some thing for party without goinning so much but to wear something which look much it in itself and white is so light.

10. Some more red for you (product id:- 735984)

Red dress for casual look with white strips looking awesome t-shirt dress style . Those who are not comfortable with short dress can pair it with leggings jeggings jeans e.t.c.

Some more guide about shein read the review about the particular product what people say they are correct and read their discription about product as it is always correct and their every thing mention .

So now I Have tell you every thing about shein then There  one thing more to tell you that shein is organising pop -up shop in Mumbai which is great opportunity to you guys to shop from there and you guys gonna win some vouchers to if you are from India check their insta for more.

Thank you for reading I hope you gonna like it loved it too if so then follow me so that you can get to read first . I can make part 2 -3 and more if you like it . So do comment if you want have a nice day .

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