Summers is all about feeling fresh and try different kind of body care

Summers is all about feeling fresh and try different kind of body care

Summers is all about feeling fresh and try different kind of body care

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Summer and feeling fresh !

How to Stay Cool and Feel Fresh During the Summer

Summers are all about feeling fresh and eing fresh all the time because summer come with lots of sweat and oil so you need feel fresh and refreshing all the time . So here I have idea for you so that you can feel fresh all time in this hot summer .

Summers are also all about trying different kind of bodywashesh body scrub body yougurt body lotion and body butter in search for the one which help you feel fresh is long lasting to so here we go .

1. In order to keep smell fresh and long lasting you need to choose all the body ranges like body lotion scrub and all of same kind like if you are choosing nykaa wanderlust bodylotion you need to choose all the other thing of same family .

You can buy these online from nykaa these are there wanderlust collection and these are too cheap .

2. In summers our skin feels dry after applying body lotion for that problem just take your body lotion add some aloveragel to it and apply after that it doesn’t make you feel dry after that and alovera is really nourishing and soothing to your skin.



3. In order to feel fresh resfreshing keepon trying different kind of body ranges but stick to one which completely  suits you and which is long lasting in your eyes.

What your thoughts on trying something completely new and never thought of just like  the bodyshop cactus collection .


4. Scrubs are really important for your body as it exfoliate you completely help you in feeling fresh by opening your pores they remove dead skin so its important to scrub but don’t do more twice thrice a month sometimes go for four but not more that because scrubing  more than that make your skin harsh  which is not good.

The body shop has amazing collection of scrubs give them a try I am sure you gonna love it as exfoliate is very important. 


5 . Bathing gloves I know you might got confused  what  I am saying  but some of you may know about it .


Well a bathing gloves is really good product its help alot in exfoliation and you can do scrubing through these gloves  and it help those who have strawberry legs . Must have one pair of these in your bathroom as it helps alot in exfoliation of your body and makes it easy to scrub whole body and do its work better then your hand .


6. Body brush is also important for your body so add it to your bathroom. 

Body brush is really good and moneyworthy product to have in your bathroom as it help you to little in exfoliation and help you to wash you back easily so definitely have it .

7 . Loofa is important as it help you apply your shower gel easily .


Loofah is very important in your bathroom to apply shower gel and it exfoliate too and make sure it soft as it make you feel relaxing .

8. Body and face mist for your body and skin .



Mist is really important for both your body and face as they are just amazing they given you refreshment suddenly and comes in good fragrance too and smell well when you are feeling dull and smelling dull just spray it and they are good makeup setter. 

9 . Important of having same range of bodyranges we have  read so here are some .




10 . Body foam are also important to have because when you feeling dull and want to relax then you can try these .



11. Body polish is important for your skin maintain that glow skin to you body try body polish to maintain that polish shine glow of your skin and body and maintain fresh .

12 . To maintain that long lasting moisturiser to skin we need something .


Moisturiser is important to skin in summer we need 24 hour moisturiser and for that we need something nourishing and light weight so dry body yougurts for that and they smell good and work amazimg and make it feel hydrated all day long .

13. Shower gel easy way to take bath feel fresh and refreshing smell good .

Try different types of shower gel and feel refreshing and relaxing .

14 . Body butter for your skin this summer .

In order to make you skin buttery soft try body butter and get buttery soft and nourished skin .

15. Body gel for calming your body .

It is important in summer to calm your body down because of pollution all over and sun heavy work your skin became dull so its important to calm it down nothing work better in that case than calming lotion with goodness of alovera so give it a try .

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Have a nice day .

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