I just love a vacation especially when i get to wear style setting pieces that compliment my destination so beautifully. This trip was vegas and because its a fun city my mood was easy loved outfits i would feel perfect in. Below i break down my pieces and hope this gives you a guided style clue when you decide on your next vacation .

First up for me is always comfort. Here i am opted for fashionable travel sneakers and a cotton long sleeve (breathable ) top and legging like joggers . 

So i attended a concert and i always say jeans are a pivotal wardrobe piece that you can style up or down depending on what top you pair with it. I alway say to clients it’s how you wear a basic piece that matters most, So always opt for a statement piece that celebrates your style ( mine for this evening was trendy) 
Today was about sight-seeing so i wanted to be less trendy and more relaxed. This is a dress that i wore the back to the front because it allowed me option to tie a bow or not ( sometimes unconventional is the way forward , so don’t be afraid to re-work a piece ) 
Y’all know how i love a good scarf as a perfect travel accessory i always advice you pack one along for impromptu moments such as this. My sandal selection was based on the fact i would be wearing a lot of color and gold is always a perfect choice for multiple wardrobe wears. 

 A few sights along the way

The weather is always warm so pack light 
picturesque moments are around every corner 
I advice everyone to take a kaftan or maxi on every warm weather trip . Why ? trust me you’ll have a lazy fat day that you want to appear glamorous without any effort. Mine is from fashion house Funke Adepoju in Lagos Nigeria. 

I got a lot of dress compliments for this one, and i was flattered because it’s a top and skirt. My mood was soft and playful, hence my color choice but i wanted to retain a bit of structure( my top) this is an easy look to re-create by first working on the skirt then the top will be easier to assemble.  Notice i’m carry a small multicolor clutch ? yup! it’s essential to go for one that will serve your every style ensemble with ease. 

For my last hot day of high- sight seeing my style concept was simple oversized on top with leggings on the bottom and sneakers for walking and i must say it worked really well. My top is from Zara and leggings as well. My tip is you determine your level of comfort ( you can easily pair with shorts or jeans ) 
Overall the whole idea is to have fun with your style, and not overthink too much but remember to always think through what you want to do and pack accordingly.  Drop a line if you find these tips helpful and if you travel , tag me on instagram, i’d love to see them. Till next post, Stay confident and stylish always. 
Veronica O. 

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